PM Final™ is a great tool to help you gauge the success of your preparation for the PMP®.
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Practice Exams

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Get Comfortable with the Exam format

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Comprehensive Exam Generation - All PMBOK® Knowledge Areas

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Custom Exam Generation - You Pick the Knowledge Areas


Track Progress

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Easy to use dashboard

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Report Card by Knowledge Area


Question Bank


1000+ Questions from All PMBOK® 5th Edition Knowldge Areas


Question Bank Continually Updated by PMP® Certified Instructors


Are You Ready?

Are you ready for the PMP® ? PM Final™ is the perfect tool to help you gauge your readiness to sit for this important project management certification. With 1000+ practice questions from all PMBOK® knowledge areas, and progress tracking to show your weak areas, PM Final™ allows you to focus your preparation for the best results.

Studies have shown that experience, studying, reading, and other preparation is not always enough to pass a standardized certification exam. Candidates often perform much better if they have been exposed to practice questions, especially if the practice is a good simulation of the actual exam. PM Final™ is the most accurate simulation of the PMP® exam, and its review capability gives you detailed explanation of why the correct answer is correct as well as specific PMBOK® references.